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Workplace investigations

DNR can help your workplace run problem free. An undercover workplace investigation is vital for thoroughly, efficiently and effectively resolving difficult situations such as employee theft, or other forms of serious employee misconduct.

Undercover workplace investigations are employee interactive. This method develops first hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees and if necessary, our operatives can give evidence in court.

If the situation arises when an investigation needs to be conducted within your company as there is a serious problem that exists, an undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving this.

To conduct these operations thoroughly there are only certain people within the company who need to know about the investigation, only top level management, directors of security/human resources personnel should have any knowledge of the use of undercover operatives.

If you require information on how we would conduct our investigations and how we may be able to solve any issues you may have, please contact us for a free discreet consultation.