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About DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited

DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd are a well established, dynamic private investigation agency based in Northern Ireland

DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd are a well established, dynamic Private Investigator and Covert Surveillance agency based in Northern Ireland rapidly carving a reputation in providing a high quality, cost effective service for the Corporate, Insurance, Legal & Private sectors.

The Company was founded in 2008 and we are presently providing private investigator and covert surveillance services in Northern Ireland, throughout the UK and Europe. These services have been varied and it has been proven that we have in no doubt, solved problems and prevented potential issues developing, which in turn has saved our clients money.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited are seasoned professionals and have been specially selected with proven records in their field of expertise. DNR Solutions (UK) Limited also maintain a network of highly trained operatives situated in cities throughout Europe and Northern Ireland. Furthermore these private detectives, private investigator specialists can be deployed at short notice to respond to your needs.


Transparent Services

End to End Transparency
DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd will porovide full end to end transparency for you on the delivery of all our services and how we will deliver a solution that will meet your needs. Each solution is tailored to your own individual requirements.

Quality Services

A Quality based reputation
DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd has grown its reputation since our formation to that of delivering true high quality services based on our clients requirements. Also DNR Solutions (UK) Limited will work closely with you explaining each aspect of our service delivery.

Customer Focused

Meeting Your Requirements
DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd will work with you to ensure our solution meets your requirements. Our team are highly experienced and we are very confident you will see our professionalism when working with you.

Seasoned Private Investigators Delivering Quality Services

Private Investigator services provided by DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd since 2008 have been varied, and it has been proven that we have solved many problems and prevented potential issues developing, consequently we have saved our clients time and money.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited